PASSION ACTING INSTITUTE since 2006, we basically use Bollywood technique in our Acting Institute. We not only teach you to act in front of the world but we make you to perform as well. We want to set the new heights of acting skills. Till now we have established more than 150 artists & those are now working successfully in the Film and Television industry. Passion Acting Institute is a National Organization & we are working in various part of the country and this program will improve actor’s personality, communication skills, body language and also boosts their confidence and creativity. It is a unique program, which has the technique of acting and drama for the all-round development of an actor. The Institute is associated with top Theatres and Film personalities and experienced faculty of the Indian Film Industry. The institute has helped aspirants to become successful in the field of acting and performing art. The Institute has designed some scientific learning process which will help students to know about their weaknesses & strengths in acting. The healthy environment of our institute makes you joyful & focused on your aim.


    "We conducting fulltime, Partime & basic acting courses ..

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    Passion offers a variety of acting short courses for adults ..

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    Created specifically for beginners with a strong desire ..

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