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MR.SATISH K.SAMUDRE, looks into execution of the projects from concepts to marketing. He brings the depth of his knowledge to PASSION ACTING INSTITUTE’s creative work. Passion Movies Entertainment has now spread its wings to produce movies providing opportunities for new talents. PASSION ACTING INSTITUTE since 2006, we have been adapting unique technique in our training. We not only teach you to act in front of the world but we prepare you to perform as well. We want to set the new heights of acting skills. We have provided platform for various amateurs & known talents as well. We are working in various part of the country and this programme will improve actor’s personality, communication skills, body language and also boosts their confidence and creativity. It is an unique programme, which has the technique of acting and drama for the all-round development of an actor. The healthy environment of our institute makes you joyful & focused on your aim.

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